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Established in 1988 Gilligan Engineering has been serving the gamma radiography industry for over 25 years. We are uniquely placed to service all of your gamma radiography needs....


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Gilligan Engineering Automated Windout

The Gilligan Engineering Automated Windout is a revolutionary piece of equipment that can deliver zero dose gamma radiography. The weatherproof case houses the twin microprocessor PCB, power supplies and UPS battery. The revolutionary Automated Windout allows the user to use mains power or battery power for an automated exposure.



The Automated Windout can be programmed by the operator for not only exposure time but also prewarn (imminent) delay. Conventionally the radiographer would remotely expose the isotope from a relatively close distance resulting in a dose experienced by the radiographer. The Automated Windout allows the source to be exposed automatically at a suitable delay preset by the radiographer. The radiographer will program this time depending on the time it would take for them to vacate the area. The Automated Windout will then pause for this time before exposing the source. This technique can result in zero dose radiography and is a real milestone in the aim of dose minimisation.